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Flash 4x08 promo

They cut his flash one scene and put it arcadis in a like special online 'clip' advertising Microsoft or some promo shit?!
I want to flash code flash quit, but I can't.
So it will be all 4 shows on 2 nights.I feel the same way promo about supernatural Lol.Well shit, I haven't even watched last week's episode of registre Flash yet, so I'd better catch up I guess.I promo didn't even think of it like that.The Errowverse has really started coming to an end here lol.RIP all of us tbqh!I'm still half way through antibes tonight's episode, but i greatly appreciate the lack of ralph. DeVoe is an excellent villain imho, but aquarelle lol at them always picking better and code more charismatic actors for code Grant to flash work opposite.
It was an A episode, whereas last week was a code D at a generous most.
Like TomCav, Teddy Sears, now Neil Sandilands.
Honestly they can't promo handle having two speedsters, and anyone to show Barry up pretty promo sure keiynan missed most of the code filming for the aquarelle crossover and only got back to do the reception/wedding stuff.This season has code been so boring.He's in the promo pics for the wedding and the reception/party beforehand!I don't really want to subject myself to Arrow just to watch the 4-way crossover.The Thinker and Mechanic are a welcome return to a bit of actual seriousness and stakes.Please DC don't recast these people (except for batffleck I guess).I'll take any Iris I can get but cant they plug Microsoft aquarium without doing aquarium code those stretched scenes with Dibney.I found their love story actually really believable, compelling, tragic in a way, and it was good to devote a lot of the episode to flashbacks of their backstory.I was excited promo for the lighter tone, but it's been too light.

Man fuck the.
Just do a Very Special TV Movie instead of flash fucking with.